TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Black / Yellow 62mm Polarized Grey Lens Aviator Sunglasses

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TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Black / Yellow 62mm Polarized Grey Lens Aviator Sunglasses TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses includes box, case, cloth, paperwork and 30 day returns TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses is part of the high performance luxury sunglasses that takes its unique style from the pureness of its design, the development of high-tech materials combining lightness, resistance and performance and from ergonomics which offers exceptional comfort. Hand crafted in small batches in a factory France. TAG Heuer designs all of their glasses using Techniques d'Avant Garde and the best possible materials to provide you with a pair of luxury glasses that are highly functional and durable. Manufactured with extremely functional lenses, TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses have been designed to cater to those with active lifestyles who are in need of a luxury pair of glasses with incredibly efficient lenses. All TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear, including the LRS line of sunglasses, feature lenses that are shatter-resistant, ultra-light and provide 100% UV-A and UV-B protection. TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses are so comfortable and lightweight, you may forget you’re wearing them. These TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses feature two tone colored, straight, elastomer temples for comfort and easy fit and flexible hinges, ensuring a secure fit for any shaped face. TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses have a high-end finish that reminds you of the premium quality level you'd expect from TAG Heuer glasses. The LRS are optimal for those looking for a clean, sporty, and comfortable wear. Handcrafted with impeccable precision in Morez, France (the birthplace of the eyewear industry), TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses are unrivaled in performance and patented innovation. Advanced composite materials and 316L Stainless Steel borrowed from the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking are ergonomically crafted in a light, comfortable design, responsive to the demands of daily wear. Built for action, TAG Heuer Sunglasses are shock resistant to an impact of more than 87 mph, highly scratch-resistant and maintain peak performance even in extreme conditions. Once you experience Link Racing Sport (LRS), you'll never go back to a lesser pair. Inspired by the iconic TAG Heuer Link watch collection, the renowned Racing Sport hinge is flexible and designed to fit all face shapes. Full rim stainless Black frame with straight elastomer Cobalt Blue and Black temples provide a slip-free hold. Polarized Watersport Lens features 5 layers of anti-reflective coating and ORION technology that repels water, oils and dirt. TAG Heuer Sunglasses — for those who stay focused and don't crack under pressure — they thrive on it! What's included: TAG Heuer Glasses TAG Heuer Case TAG Heuer Cloth Specifications: Brand: TAG Heuer Collection: LRS Model: 660253111621603 Model Code: 0253 Color Code: 111 Lens width: 62mm Bridge: 16mm Arm: 130mm Lens: Polarized Lens Color: Grey Polarized Protection: 100% UVA & UVB Frame Color: Matte Black / Yellow Made in: France UPC: 0751105383122 TAG Heuer LRS 0253 111 Sunglasses MSRP: $495

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