Radio Replacement Interface for Select GM(R) Vehicles (Class II Databus)

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• High-current 10A accessory output;• Data-controlled outputs for connection to navigation radio--speed, reverse & E-brake status output wires;• Retains factory-installed amp (if equipped);• Data-controlled RAP accessory output;• Keeps vehicle databus intact for service;• Plug-in connection for steering wheel control module (SWI-RC or SWI-X);• Adjustable chime volume: 4 levels & off;• Interface can be quickly updated if needed from PAC(R) website using PAC-UP USB adapter;• Includes RadioPro3 module, plug & play vehicle connection harness & instruction manual;• For GM(R) vehicles with Class II databus & 24-pin harness
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: China

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