Premier Series Professional UHF Wireless Microphone System with 2 Body Packa, 2 Lavaliera, and 2 Headsets

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• UHF-band microphone signal system includes: ;• 2 body pack transmitters ;• 2 lavalier microphones ;• 2 headset microphones ;• Receiver ;• TRS 1/4 in. cable ;• Power adapter ;• Operation range: Up to 160 ft.;• Audio level indicator for wireless signal strength;• Independent and adjustable channel volume controls;• RF signal indicator for transmitter signal strength;• LED power indicator and channel display;• Selectable frequency range: up to 8 channels between 573 MHz to 597.8 MHz;• 1/4 in. audio output jack;• XLR balanced output jack;• Body-pack transmitter specs:;• RF output: >10 dBm;• Modulation type: FM;• Spurious emission: >55 dBc;• Nominal current drain: 70 dB;• Signal-to-noise ratio: -105 dB;• T.H.D.: < 1%;• Audio output level: 0 mV to 300 mV;• Power supply: 120-volt/220-volt (12-volt to 15-volt DC adapter);• Dimensions: 6.8 in. L x 5.3 in. W x 1.7 in. H
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: China

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