OmniStream RType SingleChannel

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The Atlona OmniStream R-Type 521 (AT-OMNI-521) is a networked AV decoder for an OmniStream-encoded video stream up to UHD at 60 Hz and HDR, plus embedded audio and RS-232 or IR control pass-through. It is part of the OmniStream R-Type Series, designed for high performance, flexible distribution of AV over Gigabit Ethernet in residential and commercial applications. The OmniStream R-Type 521 is HDCP 2.2 compliant and ideal for the latest as well as emerging UHD and HDR displays. It features visually lossless compression, optimized for motion video, pristine-quality imaging, and extremely low, sub-frame latency from encode to decode critical for demanding applications such as gaming. Additionally, the OmniStream R-Type 521 features industry standard, AES67 audio over IP streaming from OmniStream Audio devices and third-party audio DSPs, in addition to OmniStream AV encoders. This decoder includes an HDMI output, high performance upscaling and downscaling, aspect ratio control, and video wall processing, plus presentation enhancement features such as logo insertion and scrolling on-screen text.

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