OmniStream Pro DualChannel Net

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The Atlona OmniStream Pro 122 (AT-OMNI-122) is a networked AV decoder with two independent channels of decoding for two OmniStream-encoded video streams up to 4K/UHD, as well as embedded audio and RS-232 control. OmniStream Pro is designed for distributing AV over Gigabit Ethernet in enterprises and other large-scale installations. The OmniStream Pro 122 features SMPTE VC-2 visually lossless compression with extremely low, sub-frame latency, as well as AES-128 encryption and SMPTE 2042 forward error correction. For professional AV integration, it includes two HDMI outputs, 4K/UHD scaling for each output with 4:4:4 processing, aspect ratio control, multi-channel PCM audio downmixing, audio embedding and de-embedding, and more. This dual-channel decoder is housed in a half rack width enclosure and is ideal for high-density installations. With two Ethernet ports, the OmniStream Pro 122 can also be integrated with duplicate AV streams delivered over two networks by the OmniStream Pro 112 dual-channel encoder, for full system redundancy in mission-critical applications.

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