SC Johnson Professional® Kresto® Classic Super Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner, 1 gal Pump Bottle, 4/Case

Sale price$120.51


Shining example of solid performance.
     - All-welded 16 ga stainless steel construction (except casters)
     - (2) 16 ga stainless steel shelves (top lip down, bottom lip up)
     - 1 1/2" stainless steel angle corners
     - 16 ga stainless steel caster mounts
     - Stainless steel tubular handle w/ smooth radius bends
     - Bolt-on urethane casters (2 swivel, 2 rigid)
     - Shelf clearance: 17"
     - 1200 lb capacity
     - 30"L x 37"H x 18"W
     - 1/Each

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