K845 Mech Illumin Kybrd Blue

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Meet the K845 Mechanical Illuminated, the keyboard that melds precise mechanics with a modern aluminum design. Your choice of mechanical switches and 5 backlighting options let you work comfortably for hours. It?s the typing feeling you love - now designed for work. COMFORTABLE TYPING FOR LONGER - A curved profile, slim front, and angled keys work together to create a natural typing position for longer, more comfortable work. Choose your preferred position with additional tilt legs that let you adjust between 4-degree and 8-degree angles. YOUR CHOICE OF MECHANICAL KEY SWITCHES - Why go mechanical? Precise switches offer a multisensory typing experience for speed and accuracy. Choose between linear, tactile, and clicky mechanical switches for the sound and feel that fits your preferred typing style. Durable switches have been tested up to 50 million clicks. [cherry versions] K845 Mechanical Illuminated comes with a choice of Cherry MX switches, an industry benchmark for performance and accuracy. Cherry Red switches offer a quiet, linear typing experience with smooth feedback and a light touch. They?re ideal for rapid, accurate key taps. It?s a versatile choice for typing, gaming, or whatever task you get your hands on. Cherry Blue switches offer a tactile typing experience with a slightly stronger click force and an audible response. You get a satisfying sound & physical feedback confirming each key hit. [Other Versions] Red, Linear: Versatile red switches are the most widely used, with a smooth, linear typing experience for rapid key taps. Blue, Clicky Tactile: Blue switches offer a tactile typing experience with a satisfying ?click? you can feel and hear. Brown Tactile: Brown switches offer quiet, tactile feedback, for satisfying typing feedback without the mechanical click sound. 5 WAYS TO BACKLIGHT - Type with ease ? even after dark. Light the entire keyboard to see every key, or choose between five lighting patterns. Set the mood with ?breathing? or ?snake? patterns. ?Reactive lighting? lights up each key you hit, while a ?random? pattern lends a twinkling effect. There?s a lighting pattern for you, no matter how you work (or play). MODERN ALUMINUM DESIGN - It?s precision-built for typing, with all the mechanics of a gaming keyboard and a sleek, modern, look. Floating keys and a premium aluminium top case lend a crisp design. It?s the typing experience you fell in love with - now designed for work. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The K845 Mechanical Illuminated is built to last in every way. The solid anodized aluminum top is extra durable, while long-life mechanical switches have been tested up to 50 million clicks. Moulded long-lasting characters won?t fade or wear off. FULL-SIZED KEYBOARD IN A COMPACT FOOTPRINT - All the keys you need for extra productivity in a surprisingly small footprint. A tight design means you get the most out of your workspace while the 12 FN keys give you easy access to media and shortcut keys for increased efficiency.

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