Escaper Buddy(TM) Tire Traction Mats with Metal Traction Grips, 2 Pack

Sale price$313.83


• Treads on both sides grip tires and dig into the ground to prevent mats from sliding;• Raised tracks prevent tires from spinning in sand, mud, or snow;• No towing, pushing, shoveling, or calling for help required;• High-impact polypropylene material is lightweight, durable, and strong enough to handle any type of vehicle;• Ideal for off-road use to help spinning tires get traction in the elements;• Dimensions of each: 34.5 in. L x 10.5 in. W x 6.25 in. H;• Weight: 15.5 lbs.;• Includes 2 VELCRO(R) ties to hold pair together;• Set of 2 orange mats
Warranty: Ninety Days
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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