Escaper Buddy(TM) Connectable Tire Traction Mats, 2 Pack

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• Raised tracks help prevent vehicle tires from spinning on snow, ice, mud, or sand;• No towing or pushing required;• Lightweight, durable, high-impact polypropylene plastic construction make these built to last;• Ideal for off-road use to help spinning tires get traction in the elements;• Can be used as a single 7-1/2 ft. mat under 1 tire or use as two 45 in. mats under 2 tires;• Dimensions, each: 45-5/8 in. x 14-4/10 in. x 5-3/10 in.;• Weight: 17.2 lbs.;• Set of 2 orange mats with removable connector clip
Warranty: Ninety Days
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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