Convertible Office Wireless Headset with USB Softphone Dongle

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• Up to 300 ft range;• Reliable long-range coverage and clarity provided by unique antenna design and advanced noise-filtering technology;• HD voice and wideband audio;• High-definition sound and voice with crystal clear communication;• Softphone compatible;• Optimized to work with major softphone services;• VTech(R) Control PC software;• Full integration and remote call control on cordless headset with free downloadable PC software;• Noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise and is ideal for noisy office environments;• Multiple wearing styles: over the ear, over the head or behind-the-neck;• Secure magnetic charging cradle;• Magnets anchor headset in cradle to ensure a full charge every time;• 1-touch call, answer, end call, volume level and mute;• DECT 6.0 technology;• ECO mode power-conserving technology;• 3-level battery status indication;• Includes headset, dongle, cradle and adapter
Warranty: 1 Year
Country of Origin: China

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