Add-on W-Receiver for Wireless Subwoofers and Powered Speakers

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• Extra add-on for BIC America WTR-SYS Wireless Kit;• Makes it easy to connect additional wireless powered speakers to BIC WTR-SYS kit;• User should add 1 W-Receiver for each additional wireless subwoofer or wireless powered speaker to be added to a WTR-SYS channel;• Plays up to 5 subwoofers or powered speakers on the same channel without the need to upgrade audio receiver;• Enables 5.2 sound from a 5.1 receiver, 7.3 sound from a 7.1 receiver or 9.4 sound from a 9.1 receiver;• Plays what's running in living room, basement or other area;• 4 wireless channels, 2.4 GHz;• External antenna enables extended 80ft unobstructed wireless range & up to 60ft obstructed;• Includes 1 wireless receiver, 1 antenna, 1 USB AC power adapter, 1 USB cord, and 1 RCA to RCA stereo patch cable with male end;• 1-year warranty
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: China

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