4000 Series Power & Signal Wiring Kit (4 Gauge)

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• 2-channel audiophile grade interconnects;• Made from 100% oxygen-free copper for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power;• Tru-Spec cables/wires ;• Tinned conductors for corrosion resistance;• Mini-ANL (MIDI) style fuse holder (SPD5801) for maximum power delivery & safety;• Matte finish, hyper-twist wire construction provides excellent flexibility;• Pre-terminated power connections provide reliable performance;• Kit includes: ;• One 17ft 4000 Series 2-channel audio interconnect (SI4217);• 18ft matte-red Hyper-Twist 4/0-gauge power wire;• 3ft matte-black Hyper-Twist 4/0-gauge ground wire;• 17ft matte-blue 18-gauge remote turn-on wire;• SPD5801 Mini-ANL (MIDI) fuse holder;• 150A Shoc-Krome MIDI Fuse;• 4-gauge crimp ring terminals, preinstalled;• 16-gauge blue butt connector;• 4/0-gauge snap-in protective firewall grommet;• Self-drilling mounting screws;• Ten 7" wire ties
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: United States

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