3-1/2AA-B Rechargeable Replacement Battery

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• 3.6V;• NiCd;• Long-lasting;• 400mAh ;• Rechargeable;• Comparable to Lenmar(R) CBC316;• Compatible with AT&T(R) 24027, AT&T(R) 4068, AT&T(R) 4905, AT&T(R) 4935, AT&T(R) 4952, Belkin(R) F8V182, BellSouth(R) HAC33013, Gemini TA248, Helios HS-C0302, ITT(R) PC 1510, ITT(R) PC 1600, Lucent Technologies 24027, Lucent Technologies 4068, Lucent Technologies 4905, Lucent Technologies 4935, Lucent Technologies 4952, Maxell(R) MCP3626, Northwestern Bell(R) 3200, Panasonic(R) KX-P372DH, Panasonic(R) KX-T150W, Panasonic(R) KX-T180W, Panasonic(R) KX-T3080R, Panasonic(R) KX-T3610, Panasonic(R) KX-T3620, Panasonic(R) KX-T3640, Panasonic(R) KX-T3702, Panasonic(R) KX-T3705, Panasonic(R) KX-T3710, Panasonic(R) KX-T3712, Panasonic(R) KX-T3720, Panasonic(R) KX-T3725, Panasonic(R) KX-T3730, Panasonic(R) KX-T3732, Panasonic(R) KX-T3800, Panasonic(R) KX-T3800R, Panasonic(R) KX-T3805, Panasonic(R) KX-T3807, Panasonic(R) KX-T3822, Panasonic(R) KX-T3822R, Panasonic(R) KX-T3823, Panasonic(R) KX-T3823R, Panasonic(R) KX-T3824, Panasonic(R) KX-T3832, Panasonic(R) KX-T3838, Panasonic(R) KX-T3848, Panasonic(R) KX-T3848R, Panasonic(R) KX-T3850R, Panasonic(R) KX-T3855R, Panasonic(R) KX-T3860, Panasonic(R) KX-T3870, Panasonic(R) KX-T3875, Panasonic(R) KX-T3908, Panasonic(R) KX-T3908B, Panasonic(R) KX-T3908W, Panasonic(R) KX-T3910, Panasonic(R) KX-T3912, Panasonic(R) KX-T3920, Panasonic(R) KX-T3925, Panasonic(R) KX-T3930, Panasonic(R) KX-T3932, Panasonic(R) KX-T3935, Panasonic(R) KX-T3940, Panasonic(R) KX-T3945, Panasonic(R) KX-T3950, Panasonic(R) KX-T3960, Panasonic(R) KX-T3962, Panasonic(R) KX-T3965, Panasonic(R) KX-T3967, Panasonic(R) KX-T3968, Panasonic(R) KX-T3980, Panasonic(R) KX-T3980R, Panasonic(R) KX-T4108, Panasonic(R) KX-T4109, Panasonic(R) KX-T4168, Panasonic(R) KX-T4169, Panasonic(R) KX-T4200, Panasonic(R) KX-T4200R, Panasonic(R) KX-T4300, Panasonic(R) KX-T4310, Panasonic(R) KX-T4330, Panasonic(R) KX-T4330R, Panasonic(R) KX-T4340, Panasonic(R) KX-T4342, Panasonic(R) KX-T4350, Panasonic(R) KX-T4350R, Panasonic(R) KX-T4360, Panasonic(R) KX-T4365, Panasonic(R) KX-T4370, Panasonic(R) KX-T4400, Panasonic(R) KX-T4410, Panasonic(R) KX-T4500, Panasonic(R) KX-T4550, Panasonic(R) KX-T4560, Panasonic(R) KX-T4600, Panasonic(R) KX-TC100, Panasonic(R) KX-TC109, Panasonic(R) KX-TC150, Panasonic(R) KX-TC150W, Panasonic(R) KX-TC155, Panasonic(R) KX-TC157, Panasonic(R) KX-TC160, Panasonic(R) KX-TC165, Panasonic(R) KX-TC170, Panasonic(R) KX-TC170W, Panasonic(R) KX-TC180, Panasonic(R) KX-TC180B, Panasonic(R) KX-TC185, Panasonic(R) KX-TC187, Panasonic(R) KX-TC187B, Panasonic(R) KX-TC190, Panasonic(R) KX-TC280, Panasonic(R) KX-TC280B, Panasonic(R) KX-TC282, Panasonic(R) KX-TC289, Panasonic(R) KX-TC410W, Panasonic(R) KX-TC415, Panasonic(R) KX-TC4169, Panasonic(R) KX-TC417, Panasonic(R) KX-TC4310, Panasonic(R) KX-TCC106, Panasonic(R) KX-TCC116, Panasonic(R) KX-TCC425, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM410, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM412, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM415, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM418, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM418B, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM420, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM422, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM424, Panasonic(R) KX-TCM440, Quasar(R) QT-A36A, Radio Shack(R) 23-281A, Radio Shack(R) 43-1020, Radio Shack(R) 43-1020A, Radio Shack(R) 43-1036, Radio Shack(R) 43-1047, Radio Shack(R) 43-1049, Radio Shack(R) 43-1049A, Radio Shack(R) 43-1050, Radio Shack(R) 43-1050A, Radio Shack(R) 43-1053, Radio Shack(R) 43-1054, Radio Shack(R) 43-1057, Radio Shack(R) 43-556, Radio Shack(R) 43-564, Radio Shack(R) 43-573, Radio Shack(R) 43-574, Radio Shack(R) 43-696, Radio Shack(R) 43-696A, Radio Shack(R) 43-698, Radio Shack(R) 43-774, Radio Shack(R) 43-775, Radio Shack(R) 43-775A, Radio Shack(R) ET 520, Radio Shack(R) ET 547, Radio Shack(R) ET 549, Radio Shack(R) ET 550, Radio Shack(R) ET 551, Radio Shack(R) ET 553, Radio Shack(R) ET 554, Radio Shack(R) ET 557, Radio Shack(R) ET 598, Radio Shack(R) ET 696, Radio Shack(R) TAD 1015, Radio Shack(R) TAD 1016, Sony(R) SPP-111, Sony(R) SPP-205, Sony(R) SPP-250, Sony(R) SPP-55, Sony(R) SPP-57, Sony(R) SPP-58, Sony(R) SPP-65, Sony(R) SPP-71, Sony(R) SPP-72, Sony(R) SPP-73, Sony(R) SPP-A11, Sony(R) SPP-A110, Sony(R) SPP-A20, Sony(R) SPP-A250, Sony(R) SPP-A40, Sony(R) SPP-A400, Sony(R) SPP-A450, Sony(R) SPP-A57, Sony(R) SPP-A60, Sony(R) SPP-A700, Sony(R) SPP-AQ120, Sony(R) SPP-AQ150, Sony(R) SPP-AQ25, Sony(R) SPP-AQ500, Sony(R) SPP-AQ600, Sony(R) SPP-AQ700, Sony(R) SPP-D15, Sony(R) SPP-ID300, Sony(R) SPP-ID400, Sony(R) SPP-M502, Sony(R) SPPQ-110, Sony(R) SPPQ-120, Sony(R) SPPQ-150, Southwestern Bell S60508, Tele-Phone TEL-5000, Tele-Phone TEL-5050, Tele-Phone TEL-6000, Tele-Phone TEL-6050, Tele-Phone TEL-7000, Toshiba(R) FT-1000, Toshiba(R) FT-1500, Toshiba(R) FT-200, Toshiba(R) FT-2000, Toshiba(R) FT-2500, Toshiba(R) FT-6002, Toshiba(R) FT-6003, Toshiba(R) FT-6003BK, Toshiba(R) FT6004, Toshiba(R) FT-6004, Toshiba(R) FT-6102, Toshiba(R) FT-6202, Toshiba(R) FT-6203, Toshiba(R) FT-6302, Toshiba(R) FT-6303, Toshiba(R) FT-6303BK, Toshiba(R) FT-6503, Toshiba(R) FT-6503BK, Toshiba(R) FT-6603, Toshiba(R) FT-7257, Toshiba(R) FT7505, Toshiba(R) FT-7505, Toshiba(R) FT-7515, Toshiba(R) FT-7515BK, Toshiba(R) FT-7517, Toshiba(R) FT-7807, Toshiba(R) FT-7907, Toshiba(R) FT-8900, Toshiba(R) FT-9003, Toshiba(R) FT-9003BK, Toshiba(R) FT-9066, Toshiba(R) FT-9506, Toshiba(R) RC002203, Toshiba(R) RC003029, Toshiba(R) RC004273, Toshiba(R) RC004362, Uniden(R) CT-301, Uniden(R) DX-3555, Uniden(R) DX-3565, Uniden(R) DX-4519, Uniden(R) DX-4534, Uniden(R) DX-634, Uniden(R) DX-8200, Uniden(R) DX-834, Uniden(R) DX85, Uniden(R) DX-AI685, Uniden(R) DXI860, Uniden(R) EX-155, Uniden(R) EX-200, Uniden(R) EX-400, Uniden(R) EX-442, Uniden(R) XC-1660, Uniden(R) XC1665, Uniden(R) XC-302, Uniden(R) XC-305, Uniden(R) XC-310, Uniden(R) XC-312, Uniden(R) XC-314, Uniden(R) XC-315, Uniden(R) XC-320, Uniden(R) XC-330, Uniden(R) XC-340, Uniden(R) XC-345, Uniden(R) XC-3510, Uniden(R) XC-3514, Uniden(R) XC-3515, Uniden(R) XC-351Y, Uniden(R) XC-3530, Uniden(R) XC-3545, Uniden(R) XC-365, Uniden(R) XC-600, Uniden(R) XC-610, Uniden(R) XC-611, Uniden(R) XC-615, Uniden(R) XC-645, Uniden(R) XC-6450, Uniden(R) XC-645C, Uniden(R) XC-660, Uniden(R) XC-714, Uniden(R) XC-716, Uniden(R) XC-717, Uniden(R) XC-718, Uniden(R) XCA-4500, Uniden(R) XCA-4510, Uniden(R) XCA-4515, Uniden(R) XCA-555, Uniden(R) XCA-556, Uniden(R) XCA-650, Uniden(R) XCA-660, Uniden(R) XCA-680, Uniden(R) XCI-665, Uniden(R) XE-355, Uniden(R) XE-365, Uniden(R) XE-660, Uniden(R) XE-665, Uniden(R) XE-667, Uniden(R) XE-785 AT&T(R) STB124, BellSouth(R) TL6156, CH Batteries - CT02-400, Empire(TM) CPB-403B, Energizer(R) P3302, GE(R)/SANYO PCH02, General Electric(R) BT-11, General Electric(R) TL26156, Jasco(R) TL96156, Lucent Technologies STB124, Panasonic(R) KX-A36A, Panasonic(R) P-P301, Panasonic(R) PQP 25F 301A New, Philips(R) SJB5192, Radio Shack(R) 23-281, Saft(R) STB124, SANYO 3N-270AA(SJC-1), Sony(R) 1-528-376-31, Sony(R) BP-T16, Toshiba(R) TRB-6500, Uniden(R) BBTY-0275001 & Uniden(R) BT-185
Warranty: 6 Months
Country of Origin: China

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